Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Government of the United Kingdom
Wikipedia:11 Downing Street
Style The Right Honourable
Member of
Reports to Parliament
Seat Westminster
Appointer Prime Minister
Term length No fixed term

The Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of Her Majesty's Exchequer, commonly known as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, or simply the Chancellor, is a senior official within the Government of the United Kingdom and head of Her Majesty's Treasury. The office is a British Cabinet-level position. The chancellor is responsible for all economic and financial matters, equivalent to the role of Secretary of the Treasury or Minister of Finance in other nations. The position is considered one of the four Great Offices of State, and in recent times has come to be the most powerful office in British politics after the Prime Minister. The current Chancellor of the Exchequer is ToastinRussian. The Chancellor is responsible for delivering The Budget.

Chancellors of the Exchequer

Name Term of office Political party Prime Minister
idvckalt June 2014 August 2014 Labour Owenberic
September 2014 September 2014 Athanaton
Szjlsfta September 2014 October 2014 Labour
H-Flashman November 2014 December 2014 Conservative OllieSimmonds
Sephronar December 2014 February 2015 Conservative
TheDesertFox929 March 2015 March 2015 Labour Whigwham
Zoto888 April 2015 July 2015 Socialist Whigwham
August 2015 August 2015 RadioNone
Mg9500 August 2015 August 2015 SNP
September 2015 October 2015 Greens
Bnzss October 2015 December 2015 Liberal Democrats Can_Triforce
Ajubbajub December 2015 December 2015 Liberal Democrats
January 2016 February 2016 RachelChamberlain
Mepzie March 2016 March 2016 Conservative JellyTom
April 2016 April 2016 JellyTom
April 2016 May 2016 Tim-Sanchez
colossalteuthid June 2016 August 2016 RSP ContrabannedTheMC
wineredpsy September 2016 September 2016 RSP DF44
Mepzie October 2016 October 2016 Conservative Duncs11
wineredpsy October 2016 January 2017 RSP DF44
leninbread January 2017 March 2017 RSP
joker8765 March 2017 May 2017 Conservative InfernoPlato
Thedesertfox929 May 2017 May 2017 Conservative DrCaesarMD
Edmund- May 2017 July 2017 Conservative
purpleslug July 2017 January 2018 Conservative
Leafy_Emerald January 2018 February 2018 Conservative
really-friends February 2018 March 2018 Conservative Leafy_Emerald
ElliottC99 March 2018 August 2018 Labour
ToastinRussian August 2018 September 2018 Conservative
Wagbo_ September 2018 November 2018 Liberal Democrat TheNoHeart
Nutter4Hire November 2018 December 2018 Liberal Democrat Wagbo_
Wagbo_ December 2018 January 2019 Liberal Democrat
ToastinRussian January 2019 current Conservative Leafy_Emerald