Classical Liberals

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Classical Liberals
Leader Twistednuke
Deputy Leaders Tommy1Boys
Lords Leader Alexzonn
Commons Leader Duncs11
Ideology Classical Liberalism
British unionism
Political position Centre to Centre-right
Colours      Gold
House of Commons
13 / 100
House of Lords
2 / 49
Scottish Parliament
5 / 16

The Classical Liberals (sometimes referred to as the Clibs) are a political party in the United Kingdom.

The Classical Liberals were formed in April 2017, although they can trace their roots back to the March 2017 General Election, and were granted full party status in June 2017.

The party identifies itself as a classically liberal party, believing in a small state, limited taxation, and social freedoms, which attracts members from the Centre and Centre-right of the political spectrum, primarily members who identify as either classical liberals or who identify as Libertarians


The Classical Liberals were formed in the aftermath of the March 2017 General Election, although the party can be traced back to just before that General Election, when the former Leader of UKIP Duncs11 defected from the party to run in his Cumbria and Lancashire constituency as an Independent on Classical Liberal policies and Cumbrian regionalism. Duncs11 won the Cumbria and Lancashire constituency, and described himself as a Cumbrian and Lancastrian Classical Liberal.

Shortly after the General Election, he was approached by the former Liberal Democrats MP for Highlands, Lothian, and Tayside, Alexzonn who had lost his seat at the General Election about starting a new party, building upon the foundations Duncs11 had built during his Independent run. After 2 weeks of discussion and membership recruitment, the Classical Liberals were announced on the 26th of March 2017, and on the 4th of June 2017, they were granted full, national party status by the Speaker of the House of Commons, IndigoRolo.

From there, the Classical Liberals benefited from a number of high profile defections, such as the leader of the Alliance Party, RedOmega83 and the Labour MP for Yorkshire Twistednuke. They then made impressive gains in the 8th General Election, growing from 1 seat to 8 seats, tieing them in size with the Liberal Democrats. Despite being unable to pass the bulk of their legislation in the 8th Parliament, they went on to make gains in the 9th General Election, growing from 8 seats to 10 after entering into a pact with the then New Liberty Party that saw them not stand against each other in the majority of seats. During this election, Duncs11's incumbency in Cumbria and Lancashire North came under intense attack from the former Prime Minister InfernoPlato, after a very heavy campaign from both sides, the vote was tied, and InfernoPlato was elected by coin flip.

First Leadership Election

On July 4th 2018 the first Leader of the Classical Liberals, Duncs11. While Duncs11 vowed to remain Shadow Chancellor and leader of the Classical Liberals in the Scottish Parliament he said that the time had come after his long and historic leadership to step down and when he did he received immense praise for his efforts in politics from all sides of the political sphere. The contest ended on the 15th of July and after 3 rounds elected CDocwra as the new Classical Liberal leader.


As the name would imply, the Classical Liberals have Classical Liberalism as their core ideology. Over time, however, they have also become prominent for their strong advocacy from British Unionism. They also contain a Libertarian streak although this was lessened after the creation of the more openly Libertarian New Liberty Party (now Libertarian Party UK). They vary from moderate to hardline Euroscepticism, but come to a moderate Eurosceptic consensus in terms of policy, seeking a continuation of the four freedoms but an exit from the Customs Union.


Position Holder Equvilant
Justice and Constitutional Affairs Duncs11 Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government, Secretary of State for Scotland, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Secretary of State for Justice
Financial Affairs Twistednuke Leader of the House of Commons, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
Foreign Affairs TheFallenHero Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Secretary of State for Defence
Home Affairs RedWolf177 Secretary of State for Wales, Home Secretary, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Secretary of State for Equalities
Public Policy CDocwra Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Secretary of State for Transport, Secretary of State for Education
Trade and Aid Saunders16 Secretary of State for Business and Trade, Secretary of State for International Development
Sustainability and the Environment NBGeordie Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Electoral Results

Parliament of the United Kingdom
Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government
#  % # ±
March 2017 Duncs11 ??? ???%
1 / 102
Increase1 Increase 7th Conservatives-National Unionist-UK Independence
September 2017 Duncs11 1,348,085 4.33%
8 / 107
Increase7 Increase 6th Conservatives-National Unionist
March 2018 Duncs11 2,626,556 9.70%
10 / 100
Increase2 Increase 3rd Conservatives-Labour Party

Leadership History

Leader Tenure
Duncs11 April 2017 - present