Northern Ireland Executive

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Northern Ireland Executive
Feidhmeannas Thuaisceart Éireann
Northern Ireland Executive.png
Established Template:Start date
Polity Northern Ireland
First Minister eelsemaj99
Deputy First Minister IndigoRolo
Appointed by First Minister elected via AV by Assembly. dFMs appointed from other communities
Responsible to Northern Ireland Assembly
Headquarters Stormont Castle, Stormont Estate, Belfast

The Northern Ireland Executive is the devolved government of Northern Ireland, an administrative branch of the legislature Northern Ireland Assembly. It is answerable to the Assembly and was established according to the terms of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, which followed the Good Friday Agreement (or Belfast Agreement).

The Northern Ireland Executive consists of the First Minister and two deputy First Ministers. The First Minister is elected via an election using the Alternative Vote method, while the two deputy First Ministers are selected from the largest parties of the remaining to Designations.


Historical composition of the Northern Ireland Executive
Assembly Executive Date Event AV Elected
First Minister
Mandatory coalition
1st 1st 13 Sep 2016 formation UUP PBPA SF
18 Feb 2017 dissolution
2nd 2nd 11 Mar 2017 formation InSoc UUP SDLP
4 April 2017 party change InSoc UUP SF
18 May 2017 resignation
3rd 28 May 2017 formation InSoc UUP SF
3rd 4th 4 August 2017 formation UUP APNI SF
5th 16 November 2018 formation UUP Green SF
6th gimme some time formation SF UUP APNI
7th gimme some time formation SF UUP APNI
8th gimme some time formation UUP SF APNI
9th 29 March 2018 formation APNI UUP SF
4th 10th 29 June 2018 formation UUP FF APNI